The Business of Branding Photography

This course is for photographers ready to make the leap into a Personal Branding Business. 

It's really 2 full courses in one.

Part 1  - You'll learn the exact steps I use to Plan Your Personal Branding Shoot. 

Part 2 - We'll cover what it takes to start, grow and run your Personal Branding Photography Business. Including:

  • Website & Copy - the exact language you need to use to attract your dream clients.
  • SEO/Social Media - simple tips to use SEO & social media to your advantage.
  • Systems & Tools - my complete system from client onboarding to how I deliver images.
  • Package & Pricing - how to create packages for branding clients.
  • Marketing your Branding Business.
  • How to Find Clients - and get them to find you.

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Student Testimonials:

“Heidi’s course helped me see a different perspective on brand sessions and how I can integrate them into my business. Also helped me gain confidence in planning, pricing and marketing my sessions.”

- Shayna Hardy, Photographer, Baltimore, MD

“If I was unsure of a new topic that came up, Heidi's expertise and reassurance gave me a sense of stability. Since I started to talk about myself as a personal branding photographer, not only my clients but I also take myself more seriously! ”

-Iza Hegedüs, Photographer, Vienna, Austria

“Heidi is a genius when it comes to helping people with their personal branding. Her eye, insight and sheer volume of tips and strategies to get the job done is truly astonishing. I kept finding myself being surprised at the amount of stuff I didn’t even know I didn’t know. It was like coming around a corner to have a whole new world open up in front of me. Her passion, integrity, and enthusiasm are downright infectious. Don’t even hesitate to learn from the best in the business”

-Anita Watkins, Photographer, London, Ontario


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